Primitivo  | Agricola Marilù


Originally from Puglia, Primitivo owes its name to its ability to be ready and ripe at the right point for fruit harvesting, before other “native” vines. The result to the senses is a wine that reflects the lively and warmly welcoming soul of Puglia.

The label narrates: the icon of the libra, as is known, symbolizes balance and harmony. Less known is its identification with good auspices for the newlyweds.

Classification ROSSO SALENTO IGT

Grape variety Primitivo

Alcohol level 13,5 % ABV

Fermentation Alcoholic, at a temperature between 22 and 26°C in steel tanks. Malolactic fermentation completed

Ageing Minimum 12 months in steel, 1-2 months in bottle

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